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    Here's something I find funny

    Have you noticed that in any action movie where guns are involved (pretty much all of them), you will see at least one scene where someone is holding a gun on someone, telling them to do something or to not do something. Then, as if to say "I mean it", they rack a round in the chamber, and point the gun at them again.

    That's frikkin' hilarious to me. So either there was no round in the chamber in the first place (ie. they were threatening them with a paper weight), or the gun-wielder has just ejected an unspent round. Either way, that just makes me laugh.

    Now, of course, I understand whether it's a handgun or a shotgun, they always rack one because it makes that cool "chu-chuk" sound, but it's still pretty silly, and I laugh everytime.

    As one who handles guns everyday, I find those scenes extremely funny. Hollywood.......they're crazy, but at least they're entertaining.....sometimes.
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    Re: Here's something I find funny

    How about these?
    18-shot revolvers (no reloading)
    A single shot from a 9mm knocking someone off their feet and sending them flying back 10 feet.
    running out of ammo, then throwing the gun at them (like THAT will stop them!)


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