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    How many bikers on board?

    How long have you been riding and on what?

    Me - 35 years. '69 Yamaha 360 Enduro, '68 Triumph Bonneville, '75 Yamaha 750 triple, '84 Harley Low Rider, '98 Harley Road King and am currently on a '05 Road Glide.

    In my head I know Honda and BMW make better touring bikes, but my heart just won't let me pull the trigger.

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    Re: How many bikers on board?

    I started off with an old Honda 200 street bike. Living in San Antonio, I learned that a bike that only does 65 top end is NOT what you ride.
    My next was a '78 Suzuki GS 750 Katana Street Edition. Looked like a normal street bike, but could hit over 150 too quick! She handled great, too. I had to sell her during the Reagan years to pay off bills.
    The last one I had was a basket case '72 AMF Sportster. I got it for $400. Not much power, top end of 75 MPH, but it had style... The frame was stretched, a "kit" hardtail was welded on, a Honda front end was welded on, the 16" rear tire was worn out, I welded together the 6' tall "B"-bar (very badly, I might add), the seat only had about a half-inch of padding, the block didn't fit right on the frame, so we had to 'alter' (a.k.a. jury-rig) the mounts, the apehangers looked great, my butt was only 17" off the pavement, but it did have it's bad points, too. The choke always had to be set in just the right spot for the thing to start. If it didn't start on the first kick, you had to open the choke, kick it again, then set the choke a bit different and try again. If it didn't start on the third kick, that meant you were too drunk to drive. The "custom" paint job looked crappy...Krylon Black isn't a good color for rat bikes. But the very worst part of all....
    The only skid lid I owned was a "Captain America" bucket. That wouldn't have been too bad, except the only tank I had to put on the thing was from a Honda (and it still had the Honda emblem on it). For a couple of years, my nickname was "Peter Fonda on the Honda".
    In the fall of 1988, in a chemically induced stupor, I somehow trashed the thing beyond recognition. I didn't have a scratch, she was totaled. I still don't remember exactly how, but then again, I remember very little about 1988.
    With my child support obligations, and the fact that Mom is scared of anything with two wheels, I guess I won't be eating bugs anytime soon. When I do, Mom already said it has to be a trike....

    Got an old 45 to donate?


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