I'd like to take the time to plug a really fantastic CD I picked up last week.

It's called Hungry Bird, by a band called Clem Snide. They're probably best known for writing the theme to the TV Series 'Ed'. It's their first in four years, though singer/songwriter Eef Barzelay has been active with solo records and the soundtrack to the film Rocket Science (another favorite of mine).

If you're into literate rock, this will be right up your alley. It's reminiscent of the Weakerthans at their most subdued and Elvis Costello at his loudest. Hungry Bird been released on 429 records. Barzelay is fantastic, lyrically, I'd say at his best on 'Born a Man', the second track on the album. It's ironic, it's sad, it's vivid and it's funny, all in a neat little five minute bundle.

"You say there's no-one in this world
No-one who's try free
Every single one of us
A kitten up a tree

...Except for maybe surfers
And pornstars by degree
I wonder if she loves her work
As much as you love me'.

In summary: you'll love this album. Do yourself a serious favor and pick up a copy.