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    Letters to Soldiers

    I belong to a sci-fi related forum, and one of the other members there, a staunch bush supporter, announced several weeks ago that his only son joined the US Army, and asked everyone there to post a note to help him deal with the things he is going through.

    As of today, only 25 of over 3,600 people have posted anything.

    Most of you guys here know I disagree with the war in Iraq. I still wished Jonathan well. He didn't start this war. Jonathan volunteered to do a lousy job, a job most people couldn't do, a job no one really likes, just because he felt it is his responsibility as an American to serve his fellow man.

    I just posted a major rant on that forum to let people know how disgusted I am. A young man has decided to go into service for the benefit of people he knows, as well as millions of other people he will never meet. Only 25 people have said "thank you". If I can overlook my political feelings about the war and tell him I respect his decision, respect him as a man, and respect his selfless sacrifice, then why can't others?

    I thought I would do something nice, and ask my fellow ClanRam members to post something here, just a little note, and I would send the link to Jonathan's father so he in turn could forward it to Jonathan. I'm sure that Jonathan would like to hear that people everywhere appreciate his decision, no matter how they feel about the war.

    Here is a pic of Jonathan and his father:

    Saint Louis
    of Los Angeles

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    Re: Letters to Soldiers

    No War is really good Sam,and we dont want to fight them,but if we dont? we dont keep our Freedom.Its better to fight them over there than here.Remember.We didnt start it.
    kudos to that young man for recognizing his heart felt duty.Now whats the site and I'll give him a good Rep.We need alot more like him.

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    Re: Letters to Soldiers

    Thanks Sam...please send this on to him...many thanks.


    Thank You for your willingness to join our ranks and serve our county and its citizens so selflessly. Keep your chin up, follow the guidance of your leadership, watch your lane, and come home safely. Take pride in serving and feel good that you are making a difference in someone's life; whether they tell you so or not. Best of luck and God speed soldier.

    SFC Rob Aldrich


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