it is a St Louis specialty. I will bring them over to the neighbors for the game.

Games between the skins and the rams are difficult for me since I am a fan of both teams. I wish they would stop scheduling them. Three years in a row and we are not in the same division. Seems bizarre.

The last two have been close low scoring games. One win for the Rams, one win for the redskins. Who is going to win this one? Will it still be low scoring? 2 new QBs. McNabb is looking good and the Redskins are scoring more. Will the Rams offense be able to produce? Will the Rams D get more interceptions and turn them into points? So many questions....

I know the Rams must believe this is a winnable game based upon the last two games that they played. Redskins may be over confident.

I hope it is a good game. At least one of my teams wins today.

I am going to worry about making ravioli and let the football players play the game.