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    Maybe I'm just getting old...

    Let me be clear here... I like technology as much as the next guy, but it seems like there are a lot of things that people are apparently spending money on these days that I just don't get.

    So, maybe I'm just getting old, but...

    1) I will NEVER spend more than $50.00 on a cell phone.

    2) I will NEVER spend a penny extra for features on my cell phone such as a camera, video games or fancy ring tones (and, while I'm on the subject... who would spend their hard earned money to download extra ring tones for their phone?).

    3) While I'm sure I will one day buy an MP3 player, I'm in no rush. I figure that eventually the prices will shrink to virtually nothing (kind of like DVD players, which I also waited a long time to buy).

    4) I get really annoyed at the commercials that try to make it seem like OnStar and GPS systems in a car are NECESSITIES.

    5) Given how lame TV has gotten, is a Tivo really a necessary item?

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    Re: Maybe I'm just getting old...

    Couple of questions Av

    1) How is the betamax working?
    2) Do you still have 8 tracks in your car?
    3) Still using a rotary phone at home?
    4) Have you gone the remote control method for changing the tv channels?

    By the way, i dont own an mp3 player and i was forced to get a blackberry at work this week after being the only hold out in the office for years, so i really shouldnt be making fun of anyone else.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Maybe I'm just getting old...

    I agree with you, AV. I got my first DVD player last year only because it was part of my new computer. (I had to replace Valerie...she was old, slow memory, and started having software issues...)
    My newest DVD player I got in May. I won it and a big screen in a raffle. I never thought too much about a big screen before because they are so expensive, and my 27" isn't that old. But, once i got that big thing hooked up...Man, did the Rams look great in Cinema mode!!!
    I never use the DVD (well, maybe 10 times since May), but I swear I will always have a big screen from now on! Talk about seeing details!
    As far as the cell phones go....I have a good digital camera...why would I need a low-quality one on a phone?



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