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    My Episode III Review (spoilers)

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    I would have liked to believe, after reading reviews like Kevin Smith's who had nothing but praise for this movie, that Lucas was really going to turn a corner. Sadly, I saw the same things from the first two movies in this one, though the subject matter made it a bit more tolerable. I'd hardly say it was amazing, but it was at least better than the first two prequels.

    The lightsaber battles were very well done, and I think the acting improved overall (though I still wasn't really feeling Hayden's performance), but to me, the story, like the first two, seemed pretty weak at times. And like the first two, it seemed to me like Lucas really overdid the visuals to make up for the plot.

    I could have done without General Grievous entirely, including the large-scale battle between Obi-Wan and the troops against Grievous and his seperatists. Having not seen the Clone Wars cartoon, I'm told he was introduced in it - dunno if that's right or not. But it all just seemed unnecessary - Dooku was in the movie for maybe five minutes, why not just keep him as the secondary opposition, since he was well established in that role already? Perhaps showing off a CGI robot with four lightsaber-wielding arms had something to do with it...

    Also, I think the scene in which Anakin devotes himself to Palpatine after Windu was killed was weak. Anakin cries out, "What have I done?!" when he realizes he helped kill Windu, as if he was remorseful and realized what he was doing was wrong... and then suddenly is proclaiming loyalty to Sidius. I understand why, what with the whole "I can save Padme with the power of the Dark Side" thing, but I think it needed to be fleshed out more to emphasize that's why he was doing it. I didn't feel like Lucas really captured Anakin's motivation and approach like he should have, but rather it was just an after thought instead of the focus of his decision. I needed to see more conflict there.

    The ending was rushed, IMO, like Lucas felt he was out of time and just wanted to tie everything up to lead into the original trilogy, which to be fair, I think he did a decent job with. I'm sure Lucas wanted to avoid a huge ending with a bunch of dialogue after the two big fights, but I think the movie would have benefitted from a slower pace to just elaborate on what was going on - like what Return of the King had, which I know some might have thought was unnecessary but I disagree. Yoda's comment to Obi-Wan about talking to Qui-Gon was so out of left field and out of place, it was ridiculously bad, only topped by Darth Vader's "NOOOOOOOOOO!" when he finds out Padme is dead. Seriously, what the heck? Half the theater was laughing.

    That said, the effects were all visually stunning, even if gratuitous in some spots. The lightsaber duels were outstanding, though I would have preferred if Samuel L Jackson didn't bring a bunch of halfwits with him to take out Palpatine... those Jedi were about worthless, but I suppose when you're spread across the galaxy like the Jedi were, you can't always have the pick of the litter.

    Overall, I think the transition for Anakin to the Dark Side was handled well, besides the scene mentioned earlier, and I enjoyed the Temple massacre (well, enjoyed is the wrong word, but it was done well) and the killing of the seperatists to get him on the final steps of his path. The acting for the most part was better. I thought Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman did a fine job, though Jackson still seemed a bit stiff.

    I think I'd give it a six out of ten, to be honest. A better outing than the first two, really highlighted by some nice lightsaber fights. But still the same problems present in the first two. Definitely not better than ANH or Empire, but I'd give it an edge over RotJ.

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    Re: My Episode III Review (spoilers)

    Great review nick, very much appreciated.

    general counsel

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    Re: My Episode III Review (spoilers)

    Really nice review. I pretty much agree.Quickly:
    The Good:
    Special Effects(ILM always impresses)
    Palpatine/Sidious(best acting/character in the movie.Basically carried every scene he was in.)
    Lightsaber Action (more in this installment,although some was gratuitous at times. Dooku scene too short. For all his hype, Greivous wasnt impressive with 4 sabers.)
    Darker Feel to the Movie (I applaud Lucas for having the balls to put some "disturbing images" as compared to Ep.1-2)
    Finallity (although inevitable, it was bittersweet to see everything come to an end. Being a fanboy, there was an emotional tug at the end for me.)

    The Bad:
    Special Effects (Effects sometimes made it hard for me to see what was happening in the scenes, especially during lightsaber scenes. Effects can overwhelm a scene as is the case here.
    Characters (I didnt feel I cared about a great deal of the characters. That's probably because of poor dialogue/writing. By now though, we all know Lucas is **** poor in this area.)
    R2D2...Wookies...Greivous...Jimmy Smits(When did R2 become such a bad mofo, but in Ep.4-6 he cant even get out of an X wing without a huge magnet pulling him out??? Wookies...lame Greivous...Terminator with Tuberculosous.
    Jimmy Smits? comment.)
    Poor Continuity (As said before, felt rushed, pieced together.)
    Yoda (I may get crucified on this one but, the poor old, limping, weak, woe is me...then all of a sudden come to life,kick ass, flipping,super-ball, Yoda doesnt work for me. It did'nt work in the last films, it doesnt work for me now.)

    That being said I'M A FANBOY!!!! So Ill see it 2 or 3 more times.
    Rating: 3 out of 5 lightsabers.

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    Re: My Episode III Review (spoilers)

    Just a quick note: I have yet to see the movie. But my son got in to the midnight showing. (I had to pick him up at 0300 this morning).

    Dad: "So, how was the movie?"

    Son: "Predictable"

    There you have it - a one word review from a teenager.


    Always a Rams Fan............

    Rex Allen Markel

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    Re: My Episode III Review (spoilers)

    I saw the 12:01 show with my youngest daughter. She made it through without nodding off. She was wired at the end and liked it the way she liked her box of Jr. mints!!

    I give it a thumbs up! How can you not??

    I didn't go expecting to see Oscar winning cameos... I went for the story telling and FX.

    I am over the poor acting by Anakin.. I got over that after I saw Episode II for the fifth time.....

    .....there is no try... there is do... or do not....(I tell my kids that alot....)

    Who said this signature line???

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    Re: My Episode III Review (spoilers)

    I saw the 12:01am movie and after sleeping on it I think I need to see it again before I give it a final rating. Over all I thought it was a good movie, by far the best of the prequels. However, there were some major problems I had with it.

    First was Padme's death. Her character was so strong in the other two movies but in this one she dies because she lost the will to live? Common now George! It would have been much better if she had died in child birth as Anakin's dreams had said by him mortally harming her when she confronts him.

    Also, the scene where Darth Vader breaks free from the table and screams NOOOOO was really bad in my opinion.

    And third, I loved the Clone Wars cartoons and General Grievous is such a bad mofo in them. I liked how they show him having breathing problems in the movie (it happens at the end of the cartoon) but I thought it was a little overboard. Obi-Wan has way too easy of a time beating him as well. That should have been a great lightsaber battle if done right.

    All in all, I still enjoyed the movie. Just sad this will be the last one.


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