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    Thumbs down My New Hero...A True Inspiration

    I just read about this guy, and am blown away by his heart, courage and abilities. It just goes to show what you can do if you put your mind to it. Bobby Martin is my new hero. I know it's not Ram Talk, but a story this inspirational needs to be somewhere it will be seen.

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    "Young athlete brings inspiration
    Steve King, Staff Writer
    Bobby Martin is not unlike most college football players in that he looks up to those in the NFL.

    For instance, he's a big fan of Browns tight end Kellen Winslow. He's also likes Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens.

    But where Martin differs from every other college player is the fact that NFL stars such as Winslow and Owens are much bigger fans of him than he could ever be of them.

    "I told T.O. that he was one of my heroes," Martin said on the sideline last Sunday before the Browns' 31-28 overtime win over the Kansas City Chiefs at Cleveland Browns Stadium. "He laughed and said, 'No, man, you are my hero. Every day, I read the story about you that I have.' "

    Martin is indeed a story in himself - and a big one at that.

    It doesn't come with the fact that he's a red-shirt freshman defensive tackle at Central State in Wilberforce, Ohio. That's not distinguishing.

    Nor is the fact he plans on majoring in marketing with hopes someday to become a football coach or a computer salesman.

    But what does stand out is that the 19-year-old plays with no legs as the result of a birth defect. Martin plays football - in the middle of the defensive line, no less - despite the fact he's missing legs. He moves - and quickly - by advancing himself with his hands. He displayed that speed when he exited the field after being in the line of Browns players who welcomed the special teams starters as they were introduced before the game.

    Martin was a guest of the Browns last weekend, marking the first time he has been to Cleveland Browns Stadium to see the team play. As thrilled as he was to be around the players, they were more thrilled to be around him, talk with him and witness the determination, discipline, conviction and perseverance he wears as his daily moniker.

    "I won't let anything stop me," he said. "If you set your mind to it, you can do anything."

    It's been that way for him all his life. The Dayton, Ohio native excelled as a wrestler and football player at the middle school level, then at Colonel White High School, he concentrated solely on football, again doing very well.

    Martin said he was fortunate in that his coaches in high school already knew about him when he got to the school and were thus more than willing to do what they could to facilitate his football aspirations.

    Along the way, he has made friends off the field as well.

    "I visited this woman in a VA (Veterans Administration) hospital," he said. "She had lost a leg, and she told me, 'Seeing you encourages me.' "

    He said he hears that all the time and is himself encouraged by the remarks.

    Martin picked Winslow as his favorite Brown for two reasons. One is the position he plays.

    "For whatever reason, I like tight ends," he said. "They are guys who work hard and always seem to get the job done."

    The other reason is the fact that like himself, Winslow has had to overcome health issues to play, having sat out his rookie season of 2004 with a broken leg suffered in the second game of the year, and then missing 2005 as the result of multiple injuries he incurred from an offseason motorcycle accident.

    As traumatic as those two situations were for Winslow, they pale in comparison to what Martin has undergone.

    That's why the biggest hero on the field last Sunday for the Browns in their triumph over the Chiefs wasn't quarterback Derek Anderson, who came on in relief on injured starter Charlie Frye and rallied the Browns from a two-touchdown fourth-quarter deficit, Phil Dawson, who hit the game-winning field goal, leading receiver Joe Jurevicius or running back Reuben Droughns, who had his best game in weeks.

    Instead, it was someone who didn't play a single down -- Bobby Martin."

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    Re: My New Hero...A True Inspiration

    I have seen the story before, and yes, it's incredibly inspirational. It's people like that we should aspire to be. Instead, and unfortunately, we see too much of the spoiled, "what can you do for me ", atheletes of today's era.

    I have witnessed, personally, a kid I grew up with that had only one complete arm due to a birth defect. He played baseball, and played it fairly well, ala, Jim Abbott of the Angels a few years ago. I also play in a local golf tournament every year that one of my competitors is severely crippled due to polio in his legs. It doesn't stop him. In fact, it doesn't even slow him down. I find myself watching him at the driving range, in total awe at his courage and determination. It really makes me stop and listen to myself when I complain about not feeling well, or if I have an injury. I have nothing to complain about, and guys like that put it all in perspective.

    Thanks for sharing...
    Restoration complete

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    Re: My New Hero...A True Inspiration

    Bobby Martin is an inspirational person, indeed. I have seen his story a couple of times on TV. When you think you have it rough, there is always someone else that has it rougher....and a lot of times...a hell of a lot rougher.

    For all of the spoiled athletes in football, there are many who get treated poorly by NFL teams. Even our own Rams are guilty of this charge. Despite the things that you hear in public, there is even more behind the scenes than you can imagine. Without going into specifics, can you believe that hazing of players that are established players, but not team stars, is allowed to occur?

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    Re: My New Hero...A True Inspiration

    There are many such "heroes" in society. Unfortunately, many of their stories don't get told. There should be a website where these inspirational people's stories can be told and highlighted for all to see worldwide.


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