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Chorizo......mexican haggis. Love chorizo. chorizo, egg, and cheese taco...make that two with a large coke.

5.99 at the Taco Shack at Parmer and Metric in Austin.
I picked up the chorizo habit in San Antonio. There were two places I went: Santiago's, now out of business, they were on SW Military Drive north of Hwy 90, not too far from Fargo's Pizza. The other place was down on the south side, just off of Nogalitos, Rosa's Grill and Bar, owned by the mother of my USAF drill sergeant.

And, you're right - it's Mexican Haggis. That's why I didn't put down all the ingredients.

Renee, you eat sausage, right? Go to a meat packing plant sometime, watch what they put in it. Oh, and natural sausage casings are made from a very long tube-shaped organ....called the intestine.