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    My rant on...the war in Yugoslavia

    Well, this is my rant on the war of 1992 in Yugoslavia I hope it doesn't get too controversial.

    Well here we go:

    The media had basically portrayed Serbian people and the army as a ruthless people.

    As many of you know, Slobodan Milosevic died a few days ago, while in prison. But why was he in prison? The media basically said that the Serbian army, with his command went into Srebrenica, took Boys and men, "Interrogated" them, and ethnically cleansed them, said to be the worst attrocity in Europe since WWII. That is not at all what happened.

    In the 1990s, the United States knocked out all of the Serbian command posts in the city of Krajina, letting the Croatians freely move into the city. over 14 000 Serbs were either killed or kicked out of their homes.

    Damage reports by the muslims were inflated. When the Muslims gave in their reports to the UN, they said there would be 200 000 people dead in one place, after the war the UN checked the numbers, and saw the biggest amount of people that could have been killed was 60 000 and that was a stretch.

    The muslims said that almost all the homes in a specific city were damaged. True, they were damaged, but they were also damaged from when the Muslims kicked the Serbs out from before, of course, satelite images can't tell if there's bullet-holes in the walls, or where they came from, they can tell a top-down view.

    Earlier, in the 90s. An attack on a market, leaves 100s of musli msinjured or killed. Said to be an attack by the Serbs.
    When in reality, the muslims were killing their own people in an attempt to get NATO to bomb the Serbs (NATO had gotten permission from the UN under certain circumstances to interfere in civil wars). Anyways, the muslims would broadcast on a Muslim radio station that there would be free bread, but once the muslims got there all they saw was cameramen cowering behind doors or walls, when after an hour or so, explosions filled the streets, killing or injuring many of the people waiting in line. A number of attacks like this would happen over the next few days, but nobody saw the possibility that the muslims would kill their own. Even the ones standing in line said there was something suspicious, almost as if the cameramen knew there would be an explosion. They were all taking shelter minutes before it happened.

    Many say that the Serbs eathnically cleansed the muslims at Srebrenica, said tens of thousands of muslims were dead.

    But this is what really happened: The muslims would launch attacks from Srebrenica (Ruled a safe-zone by the UN). There was a cease-fire going on but when the muslims attacked, they attacked more than once. The Serbian troops went and took over Srebrenica, but when the Muslim forces tried to take it back, they suffered a heavy toll on that day, which the media publicised to be a massacre, when really, it was a battle.

    More than 3000 Serbs died in the Muslim and Croat death camps respectively.

    After, the serbs were accused of firing a mortar shell at Sarajevo, which killed 68 people, NATO gave them an altumatum (sp), stop firing at sarajevo and remove troops and heavy artillery or be bombarded. After that, rebel muslims started to attack Serbian homes and villages, to which the Serbs responded by firing a single mortar shell at Sarajevo, which was another setup by the muslims (Again, sacrificing their own people so NATO would attack Serbia).

    I wouldn't believe half the bull that comes out of these reporter's mouths. I was there during this whole war, hell a grenade was thrown through my window when I was two, proving that the Muslims were attacking villages and homes.

    And that's the end of that rant, if you got through it all.

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    Re: My rant on...the war in Yugoslavia

    Who wants to go first?????????

    This will get controversial. Suggest it's pulled.


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