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Thread: New TV show

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    New TV show

    NBC is launching a new TV show Friday Night Lights. It will be based on a high school football team. Looks kind of interesting.

    Also, a superhero type show. COOL!!
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    Re: New TV show

    We have been living Friday Night Lights here this past season. The part they do not show you on the movie is the worthless restaurant fundraising cards, the continual stream of money sucked from us for who knows what all and the continual "You need to take your son to the doctor about his <insert ailment here>".

    High school football has changed so much since when I played. We didn't have to pay money every other day (I was poor, anyway) and none of the cheerleaders were lesbians.

    For the record, my son's team did advance to the 6A quarterfinals and lost to the eventaul state champions. Gotta go...I think they want more money for me typing the words "high school football".

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    Re: New TV show

    I personally don't think it'll be good. The movie was good but why make it into a T.V. show?


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