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    The Next Generation's Hero?

    This is for anyone out there with a heart of compassion that, perhaps, might just need a little inspiration for their day to day lives. Anybody growing up in this generation, (or any for that matter), should know about this young "lad" that is so fortunate to call himself an American. His name is Zac Sunderland, and he is quite possibly the most amazing young man I have ever gotten to read about and know personally. I have gotten to know him more through emails and messaging on his website, and he is definitely an amazing individual.

    I know that posting websites is against the forum policy, so I will not do that here, but I hope that after reading this you will search out the website yourself, and perhaps, the moderators would allow it to be added to the website.

    Zac Sunderland is an American boy from Southern California. He left home on June 14th and set out to circumnavigate the globe. (Sail all the way around the earth). He has been gone for over a year, and is finally reaching the last stretch of water. He is in US waters, and is coming home finally.

    I have been following his blogs, his comments, and his emails for over a year, and he is one of my greatest inspirations to never quit anything that I am doing. He is an amazing individual, and I wanted to try and share his accomplishments with all of you.

    His website is simply his name, ZacSunderland with a .com at the end. The one thing I can do Is post a picture in here (if it fits), of him before leaving home, and of him not too long ago.

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    Re: The Next Generation's Hero?

    Also hear that Zac isa Christian as his parents thanked Jesus Christ over everything, his safe trip and return!
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