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    Nick Names for other teams

    I know that there are many nicknames out there for teams. Now I am curious what other nicknames are out there for other teams. i only know a few and i want to know one for the Cardinals.

    The Rams
    - I always hear "The Lambs" from other people

    The *****
    - I only know them as "The Whiners"
    do not really know any other names for them, but the whiners works for me

    The Seahawks
    - I know a only two nicknames for them
    a. "The Seahags"
    b. "The Sea chickens"

    The Steelers
    - My friend is a Steeler fan " The Squealers" (LOVE IT)

    As you can see, i only can do a few teams, i hope to hear what people can come up with for others teams. I hope this can be fun thread, ( Keep it clean please) i don't want to get in trouble with the Admins.

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    Re: Nick Names for other teams

    My personal favorite: Seattle Shesquawks

    Here's a few off the top of my head:
    Philadelphia Egos
    New York Midgets
    Indianapolis Dolts
    San Diego Chokers
    New England Cheatriots
    Tampa Bay F'inQueers
    Kansas City Queefs
    Chokeland Faiders
    Dallas Cowchokes
    Carolina Panties
    Arizona Tardinals "Tards"
    Baltimore Crows
    Cincinnati Bungals
    Atlanta Fellons
    Detroit Kittens
    Green Bay Fudgepackers
    New Orleans Aints
    Jacksonville Jagoffs
    Minnesota ViQueens
    San Francisco 69ers
    Washington Deadskins
    Cleveland Clowns
    Buffalo Bins

    To fans of other teams who are on the guest list and read this I mean no personal intentions of trashing your team and I deeply respect your fanhood to them (unless you're a bandwagoner or just a flat-out douchebag).

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    Re: Nick Names for other teams

    New England Patsies
    Seattle Seabags
    New York Gmen
    San Diego Bolts
    Oakland Faiders

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    Re: Nick Names for other teams

    Pompus Peacocks (seahawks)
    Seattle Seaslugs
    Fools Gold Miners
    Seattle Seahacks
    Jerry Rice Bowl's Shoe Shiners

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