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    Oh Happy Day .... April 15th

    What a glorious day April 15th is to me. I'm coming into my office on the 16th, do some piddly work....then off to Corpus Christi for 4 days with no computer, cell phone, or anything. I want to get lost. I don't want to be found. I don't care about taxes, about the DRAFT, about the free agent situation. I won't care. All I will care about is golf clubs, seafood, beer, ocean and relaxation.

    You guys discuss in infinite detail how Chris Long did in the sno cone drill, how Gholston is murder on the ice cream cone drill, how Dorsey's vortex tackle continuum is +4.5 on the HUbison scale....I don't care.

    When I get back, I'll care. However, starting on the 17th till the 20th....I won't care.

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    Re: Oh Happy Day .... April 15th

    Have fun on that trip.

    It's been terrible for me so far. My work hours got cut, so I'm working weekends only, which totally sucks.

    They cut off the road I walk to college to every morning due to construction, so I have to walk an extra 2 miles around to get to school.

    I was messing around with a guitar pick, and there is a small little slit large in the external floppy disk drive enough to obviously fit a guitar pick in there. So you could probably figure out that the pick fell in there and now I look like an idiot trying to get it out.

    Have fun on the trip however. Just don't mix ocean and too much beer together. :P

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    Re: Oh Happy Day .... April 15th

    Happy 15th tx....take some time off and relax. Corpus Christi is a good place to be.

    I am actually headed to Florida on Wednesday. I am going to hit both the east and the west coasts. Going to visit my parents and some friends in Tampa. I don't have a tax season to worry about in my current job, but I certainly have worked those crazy hours back in my public days.

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    Re: Oh Happy Day .... April 15th

    I suppose I should be happy I get to pay Quarterlies? That I get to support those who either can't or won't work and thereby get medical care I for free that I have to pay insurance premiums for? That is probably borderline political so I best nip it in the bud.

    I can't imagine how much the Pro Sports players pay in taxes. I wonder if they are considered employees and get W-2's or are considered Independent Contractors and get 1099's. They must be employees. Imagine the mess their taxes are as they no doubt pay taxes to every state they play in or maybe get away with a non-resident claim?

    One more beef with tax day is why do we pay overtime to USPS employees because people cannot get their tax forms turned in before 5PM on 15 April? If they deposit the forms in the overnight drop box the night before it is the same thing as dropping it off the next day? Postage stamps are going up again 1 May 2008, allegedly due to rising fuel prices.

    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: Oh Happy Day .... April 15th

    Well Tx i guess you're back today then. How was it? Wow those taxes sound annoying. I've yet to pay any, but i know i have a lifetime of work a head of me, pity i've absolutely no idea what i want to do in life.

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    Re: Oh Happy Day .... April 15th

    Taxes are pains in the rear!
    Happy Valentine's!

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