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    Post [PD-News]- SUV plows through E. St. Louis house

    Homeowner Patricia Graham, who was unhurt, said she was startled awake about 5 a.m. by what she thought was an explosion. Then she realized the vehicle had gone through her home.

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    Re: [PD-News]- SUV plows through E. St. Louis house

    Whenever I read SUV stories, they are almost always written as if the SUV had a will of its own. This article is an excellent example of this.

    EAST ST. LOUIS -- An SUV plowed through a house in East St. Louis early this morning, coming to rest in the back yard. The owner of the home was rudely awakened but unhurt. . . she realized the vehicle had gone through her home. She later saw that the black Chevy 4x4 had run over her front yard, gone through the family room and bedroom of her home, then out the rear wall. At one point, authorities believe, it may have gone airborne; part of the vehicle came to rest at the foot of Graham's bed. . .a woman and a man were still sitting in the SUV.

    The only reference to the drivers of the SUV were the unnamed woman and man sitting in it, who were "led away." Gee, maybe the SUV held them histage.

    (For the record, I have never owned an SUV. I am a sedan/hardtop fan m'self. Mrs. Cowboyhater is happy with her RWD mini-van.)


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