My employer is in the midst of a "safety blitz" due to a lot of recent injuries caused by inattention. This means kevlar gloves, steel toe boots, and safety glasses, which have always been mandatory, as well as some new items.

Since I am an electrician, I don't have to worry about a hard hat, burn sleeves, welding glasses, or most of the other gear. What I DO have to wear is a "bump cap". Basically, it's nothing more than a baseball cap with a plastic shield inside. However, these things get a little warm...meaning while it's 20 degrees outside, 55 degrees inside, my head is soaked with sweat.

Last summer it got up to almost 90 inside - with the A/C running full blast - so I know it's going to get really hot wearing that cap.

I know I've seen some hard hat style bump caps around. They'd let air circulate, so I'd love to find one with Rams horns. They do make Rams hard hats, but does anyone know where to find Rams bump caps?