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    Rams moving to St. Louis

    A friend of mine is considering making a project on the Rams relocating to St. Louis back in 95. What made them leave and what it ment for the city that they got a NFL team again.

    I promised him that I would throw up a thread in here, too hear if anyone knew of where he might find information about such things. Just looking over the internet right now to see if there is enough to go on, for a 20 pages school project.

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    Re: Rams moving to St. Louis

    the smartest thing to do is buy media guides from that time frame. The Rams were very vocal about their concerns with LA. Also, try going back to news articles from the LA Times from the time period of 1992 to 1995. Focus hard on the 1994 to 1997 range. Call the library for help.

    You want even more information? Dig back further to the 70's, as a lot things took place that began changing the dynamics of the team. The relocation goes much further back than the 90's. Georgia taking over was the turning point and there is tons of history there.

    Good Luck

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