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    Respect for our troops

    I note sfc is a member of our armed services. Regardless of anyones personal view of iraq or any other military conflict, i hope that everyone can join me in expressing the utmost respect and gratitude for our armed forces. I feel the same way about law enforcement. These are truly thankless jobs and to me, these people are defenders of our way of life who for relatively low material rewards, make sacrifices for all of the rest of us. In my personal experience, i have never met a member of the military (retired or active) who wasnt a person who lived by principles and codes that were role models for others.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Respect for our troops

    Thanks GC. The support, by most, has been phenominal regardless of their individual opinions. I am glad that we have learned how not to act after the shame and scorn that was put on our Vietnam Vets. Seriously, I want to thank everyone for giving me a job, after all, I am paid by the taxpayers. I love my job, and that is all that it is to me, except that it is as much a lifestyle. I am no different than anyone else in this country. I just choose to be a soldier like others choose their profession.

    I work with law enforcement quite often in my position and those guys have a tough job. They see people at their worst and are expected to always be on their best behavior. It wears on them. Seeing the things that they see daily has to take a toll on you emotionally. In addition, they have the risk everyday of getting into a shootout or worse, while it normally only happens to us in time of war.

    Thanks again, but it really is no big deal to us. It is harder on our families. If you know a kid whose parent is deployed, thank them as well. They are making a real sacrifice because of the profession that we chose. I have heard of teachers against the war telling these kids that their parents are immoral killers. That kind of crap really chaps my @$$.

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    Re: Respect for our troops

    I respect them with all my heart. I do not blame them for the Iraqi war I blame them on the idiot who I onced like in Bush. There overthere fighting a War for Oil IMO I believe that bush was full of and still is full of crap. So my respect and gratitude goes out to every solider in every army especially ours fighting in Iraq!

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    Re: Respect for our troops

    I have friends and family who served in the US and UK military and saw active service. They are men like you and me who view what they did with pride but also a little regret. Men who don't rush to tell you about it, but if they do, ordinarily tell you stories that illustrate the lighter side of the job.

    What I've noticed about these men is that they have a greater maturity, a greater equanimity that enables them to deal with the everyday as it should be dealt with. They have seen the extremes of life, and it's equipped them to value the things around them to a much greater extent than they may have done before.

    They make outstanding and genuine friends.

    I'm genuinely pleased that I know them, these men who take the risks on behalf of people like me and at the behest of people like Bush and Blair.

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    Re: Respect for our troops

    I have the utmost respect for our men and women in the military and I thank all of them and their families need tons of support as well.

    Just this morning on the radio this cute little voice came on and asked if she could request a song for her daddy, her name was Danica and she was 7 years old. She said she wanted to hear American Soldier by Toby Keith because her daddy was coming home from Iraq today and she missed him so much. This totally brought tears to my eyes.

    I thank everyone in the military for all that you stand for and for what you do for us!!!!!! That's something to be very proud of!!!!

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    Hodgins Guest

    Re: Respect for our troops

    not only do i respect them but i pity them for having to fight in the most bogus war ever

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    Re: Respect for our troops

    I don't need your pity kid and neither do my comrades.


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