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    keith m. klink Guest

    The return... of the kick the bucket club...

    Thank you all so much for comments to this thread . it seems that my ( grammar ) not grammer , seems to bother people . and my spacing when i write a longer reply . But what bothers me the most is that while people are shredding me up and calling me mean and cruel , no one ever asked what i meant . Everyone just figured i was somehow happy that GEORGIA was ill , and getting ready to pass away . which is not true at all . she was a great woman , and how could i pass judgement on someone i don't know , or ever even met .

    the kick the bucket club was a FICTIONAL conversation between a FAN , and the COACH and FO people . it was about making all of these so called ( major shakeup ) changes . and they start by going through the sacrificial lambs ( OLSON , MOSES , ROBINSON , so far ....) but it stressed that they were moving too get rid of all the old veterans ...( BRUCE , WILKINS , MCCOLLUM , STUISSE , GLOVER , LITTLE , CHAVOUS ....... the players at the end of their days on the field ... HENCE , THE RAMS ARE THE ..Kick the bucket CLUB .

    SO PLEASE !!!! if the next time you don't really understand what i'm talking about or have a question on the point i'm making , just ask me . it's not really that great when you get cut-up by EVERYONE who never understood the meaning of the story in the first place .

    and i was really surprised of the HARSH critics of my GRAMMAR , not GRAMMER , when the grammar and spelling on every website is 4th grade levels . it's mind bogling really when you think of it .

    well , it's nice too be back , and i'll keep my comments too myself and i'll just read the threads for know on , and practice watching the people who have better grammar , write correctly . thanks for your time . sorry if i offended anyone in previous threads . to hurt someone's feeling on purpose .

    sincerly . KK
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    Re: The return... of the kick the bucket club...

    I'm not sure of what you are referring to? I must have missed it.

    I would rather see people active on the boards vs. being a lurker.

    Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. It's the individual opinions that keep the boards humming....


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    Re: The return... of the kick the bucket club...

    I'm not sure of what you are referring to? I must have missed it.
    Whew, I'm glad I'm not the only one.
    "Before the gates of excellence the high gods have placed sweat; long is the road thereto and rough and steep at first; but when the heights are reached, then there is ease, though grievously hard in the winning." --- Hesiod

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: The return... of the kick the bucket club...

    thats o.k. guy's , sorry for the trouble . i just wanted to let ya'll know the true meaning of my earlier thread . it was about football and the rams . if the web-masters or the caretakers of this site want too kill this, that would be o.k. tis' time to move onto things of the ram .

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    AlphaRam Guest

    Re: The return... of the kick the bucket club...

    I am sorry that I missed the opportunity to wrongfully judge you, then attack without understanding. I'll try to do better in the future.

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    Re: The return... of the kick the bucket club...

    Looks like I missed out to. I luv picken on spellig errors and mean posters. darn it all...I need to pay more attention.

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    Re: The return... of the kick the bucket club...

    Keith, I am one of those that slammed you at the time. You're posts are sometimes hard to read, but they have a lot of heart felt thoughts in them. I usually like your posts, but this one was mean spirited, calling for a quick death of the team owner, which happened just days after your initial post. (Coincidence? Kidding, I understand the true meaning to that post)

    Get over it. Not like anyone here is taken that seriously. Well, except for Nick. His word (draft info) is gospel.
    This space for rent...

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    Drew Guest

    Re: The return... of the kick the bucket club...


    i didnt see the thread myself,but hey we all get misunderstood sometimes,is frustrating but well what can ya do....

    my own personal one was i dared to suggest that Marc Bulger should be traded for the best O-linemen they could get for him( during the `06 season) which from my point of view was not a slight on marc atall!
    only that i saw how much he was getting "killed" by our poor O-line play and thought lets let him go for something before his career is over as at that point it looked like it could be over at any time and as a player i have a lot of love for i would prefer him to play elsewhere in the NFL, rather than not at all!

    Ofcourse i am "judas" for suggesting such a thing....

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    Re: The return... of the kick the bucket club...

    Hey Keith,

    Can you re-post that?

    Seriously, just do your thing. Yes, some people do get anal about spelling and grammar but not a lot of us are English majors and colloquialisms are more the norm. I frequent enough boards that I have become fairly proficient in typo and can hold my own, usually.

    Keep posting. Shoot, I don't even like everything I write and I have no issue (yet?) with anything I have read of yours!

    GO RAMS!!

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    BigGameMN Guest

    Re: The return... of the kick the bucket club...

    I was one of the ones who slammed your sentence structure, or lack there of. It had nothing to do with your spelling or even the proper way to write a sentence, I was merely offering you advice. I don't claim to speak for everyone but when a lot of people see a post the way you structured that one they simply skip it. I tried to read it to find out what you meant but found it impossible. Typing 1 or 2 words and then typing a comma for about 30 lines with no periods anywhere just makes no sense. I'm sorry if I offended you but I really am just trying to help so people can read your posts.

    Here is the original post that started thsi:

    we all can see just what is about too happen here don't we . GEORGIA is very sick now , some reports say: on her death bed , so's too say . SHAW and J.ZYGGY are going to shake up the organization and staff . O.K. lets dump the OC and the OLINE coaches , that will get us a bit of time . keep the coach , and let's cut some of the old guy's who are really going too have too be replaced this year or next . well let's see , ya know what , MCULLOM is aalready gone , that one was easy . STUISSE is a little battle weary . maybe the minimum , no , try a rookie next year , or a street guy . O.K , you guy's are the bosses . WILKINS , c'mon guy's . he could be a hall of famer if we just let him get the groove back, he came on better at the end this year. no , you want a new leg , well o.k. LAROI GLOVER , what , paying too much for a limitted player , well he did good in there with the rookies and wroten , but , no , we'll get younger there also , huh , o.k. i see that . IKE BRUCE , .... COME ON GUY'S BE SERIOUS , the fans , the team , but , i know his salery , but , but , renegotiate or something guy's but don't just let them go away , so to say that this is how a team get's better and younger . well YOUNGER anyway. unless like last year when you trade a WR in their 20's for one in their 30's . but i get the idea , string and mirrors , i see now , it's not about fixing and making things better , it's the spin you put on the ball right , to make everyone think that your making big changes , when your just taping what needs to be bolted . i see , well , see ya at #2 in april this year , and should we hold your place here for the 2009 draft as well MR . SHAW . have a nice day now. well , other teams are making legitimate moves , so i'll see you guy's on the funny pages .
    I ask for input, was I wrong to point that out? I just think someone deserves to know when people just skip over their posts so they can correct it.
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