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    Milan Guest

    Re: Sad news with a friend

    Hope you recover, and fast too. In fact I'm sure you will, keep positive and don't let it get you down, many people have survived cancer as I'm sure you will.

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    AlphaRam Guest

    Re: Sad news with a friend

    Hey BRM,

    I have been thinking about you today.

    You might consider doing research about the cancer that you have been diagnosed. I looked on the internet and talked with people to get informed. Knowledge and attitude are important tools in your fight.

    F cancer!

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    Re: Sad news with a friend

    Bigredman, you're a great guy, and I am so sorry that this has happened to you, we ALL care for you man, don't ever think elsewise, fight the cancer, you can get through this. I hope you're ok, love ya man, be strong
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Sad news with a friend


    Its hard to get to know people through the cold interaction of a message board, but let me tell you what I know about you.

    You are good-humored, and enjoy making others laugh.

    You have a passion for the Rams, and a strong loyalty to those who share your passion.

    You are strong-minded, and don't back down from a battle.

    All things - good humor, passion, strong will - are going to help you overcome your current situation. I firmly believe this.

    Please know that added to all of your qualities are the well-wishes, thoughts and prayers of many here who call you friend, myself included.

    Stay strong.

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: Sad news with a friend see what you made me cry. Seriously!

    Thanks to you all for the kind words and encouragement. You can't believe how much it helps. Now I'm going to get off of here because I can't see the screen anymore. I'll be back (In my best Terminator voice).

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