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    Sports Fantasy Websites Make Me Laugh/Cringe

    Here's a recent blurb from Rotoworld, a fantasy sports website:

    Former Broncos RB Travis Henry has signed a plea deal with Florida prosecutors, accepting a charge that carries a mandatory 10 years-to-life in prison, $4 million in fines, and five years of supervised release.

    In exchange for having two counts of cocaine distribution dropped, Henry will admit to conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute. Henry was arrested on the charges in October. He's safe to drop in dynasty leagues.
    That's just great.

    A man has thrown his life and fortune away for the sake of a cocaine habit, and will spend the next ten years in prison.

    The important thing, though, is that I now know that "he's safe to drop in dynasty leagues."

    Great. Thanks for the newsflash.
    I'm just waiting for the blurb stating: "Joe Shmoe has died in a tragic meteor accident. You probably don't want to start him on Sunday."

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    Re: Sports Fantasy Websites Make Me Laugh/Cringe

    Well my keeper team (The Pushers) just took a major hit!

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