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You had a lot in there to respond to, and you got the history mostly right, however I just wanted to clarify the above line.
OK, so I make mistakes. Sue me. Really, high school was a LONG time ago, and back in those days, we all had to share one textbook, written in cunieform, read by candlelight. Since then I have forgotten a lot of that stuff. Glad I got some of it right.

And the food: So far, I have eaten many so-called "ethnic" and regional foods. I have found I really like most of them...at least until I found out the ingredients of some. I imagine dinner used to be a lot more boring before so many cultures began to merge.

And the jokes? I have to agree. Most jokes directed at Blacks, Mexicans, and Orientals seem to be a lot meaner than those directed towards European groups. It is best to avoid those, just like you said. Instead, we can all tell jokes about whiner fans or lawyers or something...LOL