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by Dave Meltzer

Adam "Pacman" Jones has either signed or is expected to sign a short-term deal with TNA according to Hope Hines of the WTVF, Ch. 5, news in Nashville.

Hines said the signing was supposed to be kept secret until Jeff Jarrett returned on Tuesday from an international trip.

We have independently confirmed that this story is correct.

Jones was suspended by the NFL for his link to a Las Vegas shooting at a strip club over the NBA All-Star weekend that left former 1980s AWA pro wrestler Tom Urbanski, who was managing the club, paralyzed from the waist down.

The negotiations with Jones are obviously an attempt for TNA to get mainstream publicity, even if the publicity won't be good, for the company. The timing of it, with pro wrestling's public image at an all-time low, will only reinforce the current reputation.

And this from the WTVF website...

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- In the midst of his suspension from the NFL, Adam "Pacman" Jones may be seen in a wrestling ring in the upcoming weeks.

Just as he has on numerous other occasions Pacman Jones made headlines again. However, it's not another run in with law enforcement, rather NewsChannel5 Sports learned Sunday that Adam Pacman Jones can be seen in a wrestling ring near you in the coming weeks.

Sources said that Pacman has signed or will soon sign a contract with Nashville based TNA, Total Non-stop Action Wrestling, which is headed by Jeff Jarrett of Hendersonville.

TNA is the same wrestling federation that former Titan Frank Wycheck wrestled for some weeks back. Jarrett was out of the country Sunday night, but will be back in Nashville Monday.

Sources said that the story of Pacman Jones becoming a full time pro wrestler will break nationally on Tuesday.

Pacman's agent, Michael Hughe said he could neither confirm nor deny the story.