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    Taking a Porkin' To Bring Home The Bacon

    Let's say that you and your wife/girlfriend are on hard fnancial times. You are unemployed, the mortgage is in default, creditors were calling until your phone got disconnected. Then, she scores a job interview. She gets offered the job for $100K if she sleeps with the dude that would hire her. Would you let her?

    If you say yes, would you let her negotiate for free health and dental?

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    Re: Taking a Porkin' To Bring Home The Bacon

    This sounds like a movie... Robert Redford, Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore....

    Here's what you do.

    1. Get her to go to the boss and say, "I'll do it, but I want the deal in writing."

    2. When the deal is signed, sue for sexual harassment.

    Did I mention I'm an employment lawyer?

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    Re: Taking a Porkin' To Bring Home The Bacon

    I had to file a sexual harrassment complaint with Human Resources against a woman at my work back in July. I always said that I would grade sexual harrassment, thinking it was funny, but that woman really bothered me inside.


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