I was browsing through the Help forum threads this afternoon looking for an answer to a simple signature pic problem (I need a way to be sure it works...) and I got caught up in a Time Warp.
Not the kind that Frank N. Furter would sing about, but the kind that brought back the names of posters we haven't seen in a LONG time. I know some of them angered the almighty Mods and got the free ticket to "Outahere", others just disappeared without a trace, and I am sure some of them (like fans of opposing teams coming here to talk trash) are too embarrassed to return.
But, I also found some fun facts:
On July 7, 2001, the Clan boasted a membership of 111 members! (I can't remember if I was registered under a different name back then, or if I was just a lurker...)
Back in 2001, posts could be as short as two characters.
Dez posted a screen resolution poll that had only six replies...and half indicated that 1024X768 was thier screen resolution.
The 'Nerd' smiley used to be widely used.
RamWraith is responsible for suggesting the Fantasy forum.
And somehow I missed the "Who's your crawdaddy" line...