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    Touring Bikes

    I still can't believe it, but Mom decided she might sit her rear end on the back of a bike. Here's a pic of the one she is considering:

    Now, my question. I have owned a few bikes. Two were self-disintegrating Hondas, one a '78 Suzuki "pre-Katana" (great bike, BTW) and a '72 Sporty. The Sportster was a heavily modified hardtail (a.k.a. rat bike). It had a personality, but was literally a $400 basket case. The Hondas were junk. The Suzi was a really nice highway ride, and had more speed than I needed. I haven't ridden in 16 years, but I am seriously looking at getting a used touring bike. The Yamaha is nice. A Beemer isn't out of the question. A Gold Wing would be fantastic. An Electraglide would be a dream.

    The reality is i have 3 ex-wives, so my credit is less than stellar. OK, it sucks rotten cabbage. So, does anyone have any ideas on how I can purchase a nice bike without selling my ex-wives to the mofia? Any leads on a legit bank that might be righteous enough to do a loan for a person in a bad light?


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    Re: Touring Bikes

    nice looking ride.

    I would be looking for a HD myself. get a good second hand RK

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    Re: Touring Bikes

    Sold my Harley Davidson Fat Boy recently (college tuition needs), and went out and bought me a Suzuki Boulevard ($6,700). While my bike is a cruiser, the best value for price in the market right now among all the manufacturers is Suzuki in my opinion. As far as financing, look for a credit union. They are usually the most amiable to working with you, even if you have bad credit. You'll probably have to agree to a payroll deduction for your payment though.

    I too have two ex-wives. To much love for this big boy to share with just one wife in one lifetime I guess. Number three is working out great though! (knock on wood)
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    Re: Touring Bikes

    Dez is right. Look for a used Road King.

    I had a '99, (first year of the 88 C.I. engine), and rode it for 30,000 trouble free miles. Then my wife and I got into heavy touring, (seven days twice a year @450-600 miles per day), so I bought a Road glide, which I love, but it doesn't ride any better than the RK, and in fact is much more affected by sidewinds. I've been on Harleys for 30 years, and the only other bike I'd consider is the Wing.

    However, if you haven't loved Harleys since you were a twinkle in...Check out the Kawasaki Nomad, (at basically half the price of a comparable Harley.)

    P.S. A LARGE (330 lbs.) friend of mine has the bike in your photo, and loves it.)
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