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    CaliGirlRamsFan Guest

    For the two BIGGEST babies

    So BRM is here for Monday night Football,(Great Game), and as usual I leave baby girl a note before school telling her not to forget her Gym clothes and have a great day.

    After waking at 5:00 am I have to yell at Jerr and BRM to be quiet, (I know they have a thing for each other), but come on guy's, shower and get out.

    I then wake to see BRM's note reading...."What, no love for the big babies"?

    OK, here is your note BRM. You are grounded for loud voices and waking me up, but have a great day at work, and make sure your underoos are on the right side in.


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    bigredman Guest

    Re: For the two BIGGEST babies

    Oh really? I'm sorry, I forgot you were soooooo tired from cooking the day before.....

    She promised me her homemade lasagna....

    and she promised her husband Jerry that she would fix a roast.....

    Jerry and I show up from a hard day's work and we can't wait to dig into that roast beef and lasagna, a feast fit for kings! We are just so proud of our CaliGirl........

    Little did we know that our "home cooked" meal would be delivered in a pizza box! Yep...she fed us friggin' pizza!

    How did you ever manage?

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    CaliGirlRamsFan Guest

    Re: For the two BIGGEST babies

    How did I manage? I tell ya Red it wasn't easy. Just picking up the phone to order was an effort, but at least you had italian. Say Cheese. The Roast was all in Jerry's mind.

    Bye the way, I found these underoos next to the bed in the guest room. I did wash them for you, but I did have to pick them up with a stick.
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