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    I just choked the biggest shot of my life. It was the 8-ballers championship Oak division against Pine division. Each division has 10 teams. I am captain of our team I'm capable of running from the break and on rare occasion I do. No I'm not the best player. In fact I am 4th of 6. We won the Oak division with a 193 - 52 record which was tops in both divisions.

    The format was simple. champion of Oak division against champion of Pine division. The first team to win 16 games is the Champion. There are 5 to 8 players on each team. (Good teams have 6 players max.) No player can shoot more then 6 games.

    I’m Undefeated. 5 - 0. (While our top player and team MVP was 0 - 5.) Two of my wins (Games 4 and 5) came against the “Over All League MVP” for the past two years.
    We are tied at 15. I’m playing the 31st and final game against a significantly less talented opponent then the League MVP I had just beat back to back.

    I’m on the 8-ball my opponent has 2 balls both against the rail opposite the end of the table from where you break. The 8-Ball is at the same end of the table about 10 inches from the right pocket with a half ball cut. I had a clear shot there was no other ball between the white and black balls. The problem was the distance as on my prior shot the cue ball came to rest in the jaws of the opposite corner pocket. Yes the longest shot possible. It was only 20 or 30 yards. But a very make able shot.

    I shoot and I miss hitting the pocket by 6 inches. Yes it was that bad. I’m surprised the 8-ball did not end up on a different pool table in a different state it was missed so badly; but that’s not the worst part. I knocked his balls into the jaws of the corner and side pockets with the 8-ball sitting 6 inches from the other corner pocket. Needless to say he ran out. He looked real good making those duck shots he was left.

    Question: is it normal to feel significantly worse when the Rams lose a big game then a lose of my own? Is that weird or is that normal?
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    Re: Ugh!

    I view that as completely normal. It is all a matter of priorities. The rams are more important to you (and to most of us for that matter) than an attempt to become the next willie mosconi.

    Ramming speed to all

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