We all know Vinatieri broke our hearts in Superbowl XXXVI with a last second field goal.

Well he got me again that dirty rotten.......

I'm not much of a gambling guy but I usually buy at least 1 square at my Superbowl party. This year the squares cost $20.00 and the payout was $500.00 per quarter. Well here's my frustration and thanks again Vinatieri!
I had Colts 9 and Bears 4 for my square. So the score is Colts 16 Bears 14 with 2 seconds to go in the 1st half. The Colts are lining up for a short field goal to end the half. Mr. Clutch runs on the field, (while everyone at the party realizes I have the 9 and 4) I announce Vinatieri owes me after breaking my heart in Superbowl XXXVI. This is Vinatieri's chance to cool off a little (very little) of my hatred towards him. Well you all know what happened!
Thanks Adam Vinatieri you......!!!!!!!