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    Water the Alternative to Gas

    Hydrogen will become the wave of the future. GM as well as others is pouring money into this bet. I know it wont happen for a good while but gas prices going up will help speed up the process. I have followed this for sometime and believe the infrastructure is the biggest hurdle. The government will need to step in and make it worthwhile for hydrogen startup companies. Give them tax breaks, grants, incentives what ever it takes to help assure their stability. The Autonomy car from GM has almost no mechanical parts and a skateboard chassis which can have any design mounted on it SUV, car, minivan, & pickup. This is all capable because you no longer have a combustible engine it’s a hydrogen cell vehicle. Hydrogen can also be extracted from water. The byproduct of running a car on hydrogen is water.

    Here are some excellent links to the development being done by GM and there are many others out there also developing. There was an article out in August 2002 entitled "GM's Billion-Dollar Bet" the headlines read the following.

    The hydrogen car has been a long time coming. GM is betting $1 billion that the end of internal combustion is near.
    Here are some wonderful links:

    Shows the car:

    Gives mileage and other information:

    Interactive tours on the left hand side:

    Build your own car 5 designs one chassis:

    Making hydrogen from water:

    Good interactive of how hydrogen fuel cells work:
    (Click On: How Do Fuel Cells Work Picture, Click On: What Happens inside the Vehicle)

    I believe New York already has a hydrogen station and there are prototype vehicles that run on Hydrogen today. Anyway there is a lot of great information out there about hydrogen for anyone interested.

    Cheers to all I am going back to the Ram forum now. :up:
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