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    What to do after work,,,,

    what does a guy that has been a football fan since 1959 do when retirement is 60 days away? Damn good question and if I find and answer I'll let you know.

    I started social security 5 years ago at age 62 but have been working parttime 30-40 hours a week for an O'Reilly Auto Parts Hub store delivering to stores only. But the wife has finally retired so we are pulling the plug the end of november. Have our trailer in a no freeze zone near Portland so I won't have to winterize it. We live in Spokane where it gets plenty cold enough to freeze an RV.

    Going to follow the trailer early in December, spend Christmas with brother in laws family, visit our kids and grandkids in Seattle. And then after Christmas head south on 101 and see Big Sur Country.

    Not taking TV access so have to do without football for a couple of months. Even the SB. Will this experiment be successful? Hell I don't know but I won't have to get up at 5am to work. lol

    There are some football fans I have known for more than 10 years out there via internet I hope to meet.


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    Re: What to do after work,,,,

    Slowrielly's, huh?

    Their main headquarters is only about 4 miles east of me.


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