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    Re: What TV shows are you hooked on?

    Ray Romano...

    The Sopranos...

    What could the connection be?

    Let me try a test...

    Tx... how do you feel about veal parmesan?

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    Re: What TV shows are you hooked on?

    Well, I get to watch Everybody Loves Raymond as its shown on the paramount channel

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    Re: What TV shows are you hooked on?

    Reno 911 is just makes you laugh and everyone needs that. I like it.

    Love Sopranos, own most of the seasons.

    Like Law& Order, have been a fan for yrs, now I am getting kind of bored with it thoguh, too much repition, although life does have a lot of repetition. I guess theres only so many ways to commit crime and so many ways to solve it and then the same to prosecute it.

    Still Standing cause we relate too much to

    If I can catch it I absolutely love the Cold Case on A&E. The real cases they go back and show how they unfolded and solved. There is a cold case on the other channel too but not real.

    CrossBalls is hilarious.

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    Re: What TV shows are you hooked on?

    Harlan Ellison wrote a book entitled "The Glass Teat" in which he suggests that TV is nothing more than a substitute for Mother's Milk. Be that as it may, since I can resist everything but temptation, although I find little in today's TV opium to get addicted to, I am tempted to revisit The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Babylon 5, Farscape, Monty Python, X-file episodes among some of the more similarly themed Glass Teat offerings ...

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