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    What's everyone doing for the Super Bowl?

    I'm in an interesting position. My brother-in-law Roger is from Brooklyn and is a hardcore Giants fan while my best friend Steve is a diehard Patriots fan (not a bandwagoner, unless you count the Curtis Martin days). Naturally, I'm rooting for the Giants so I'll be going over to Roger's. He's a great cook (just bought his own restaurant) so there will be tons of good eating. Nothing like grilling out in February. The fact that he has a big screen also doesn't hurt. If things go well for the Pats, I'll meet up with Steve and other friends afterwards, though too much Southern Comfort after watching the cheaters go 19-0 might leave me a little too inebriated.

    What are all the Clan guys and gals doing for the big game?



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    Re: What's everyone doing for the Super Bowl?

    I am not big on the 400+ hours of pre game crap so I will watch Super Bowl 34 from start to finish(I will rewind the finish a couple of times and play over)and then watch todays game and hope the Patriots lose big.I can't believe it's been 8 years since we won that game.

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    Re: What's everyone doing for the Super Bowl?

    I'll be going to a friends house with some other guys and watching it on a big screen TV.

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    Re: What's everyone doing for the Super Bowl?

    After dawning my throwback Rams jersey, I'm heading over to a friend's house to watch the game with him and some of his family who have come in from out of town. Would have liked to watch it with them at my place since I've recently upgraded to an 1080i LCD flat panel HDTV, but he's got a pretty nice set-up as well and I'm still working the kinks out of mine.

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    Re: What's everyone doing for the Super Bowl?

    My brother invited my girlfriend and I out to party in Phoenix, hang out at the stadium, take in the NFL experience and then watch the game, but I decided to stay in SoCal and watch it at my girlfriends. She's cooking up a huge spread, so I can't complain.

    This will actually be the first time in almost 25 years that I won't be at a party, but it's pouring down rain here and I'm fine with staying in and off the roads, especially after the game. Besides, this game means something to me and I don't want any distractions because let's face it, Super Bowl parties have become more of a social event than a football watching event.

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    Re: What's everyone doing for the Super Bowl?

    Well, first I had myself a good breakfast....

    and instead viewing all the endless Super Bowl hype, I watched a movie....

    then after the game, I plan on unwinding with a good book...

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    Re: What's everyone doing for the Super Bowl?

    Hillarious, BRM!

    Me, I'm sitting in 24 inches of snow on the ground here in E. Washington State with the fire raging in the fireplace, a big pot of homemade chili verde stew in the oven, and watching the game with my wife on my HD 40" TV. For dessert, some Geritol. Hey what do you expect at my age?

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    Re: What's everyone doing for the Super Bowl?

    I had about 40 people over to watch the game in my home sportsbar. On my 106" projection/hd TV.

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