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    bigredman Guest

    Re: Who here likes rap?

    Quote Originally Posted by HUbison View Post
    See, now that is interesting, Red. I like the Beasties and LOVE Kid Rock (almost as much as AV loves Kid Rock). But I wouldn't classify either of them as rap. Maybe that's just my own classification or rather misclassification, but I see rap as something different.
    Probably not your typical rap, but maybe rappish. In any event it is as close as I get other than the original rapper Bob Dylan.
    YouTube - Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues
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    Re: Who here likes rap?

    Not really sorry!
    Happy Valentine's!

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    Re: Who here likes rap?

    Not I said the cat, with a rat-a-tat-tat. The cat with the hat and the bling, and the jeans with the gat. He is too cool for dis, and too fly for that. That's why this cat says hell no to rap.


    Just kiddin. Rap is alright, but I think I pretty much pick out the people I'll listen to. For the most part, I am a rock/metal junkie, and don't give rap a chance. Stereotypically, this is because of the very trendy and popular vulgar junk that gets spat out, and the disrespect that always seems to be shed about women in the process. Certain guys like Kanye, and Trip Lee are alright by me though.

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: Who here likes rap?

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsFan16 View Post
    No rap for me. I'm more into, well, "devil's music" here are some. (Images represent the intensity )
    Let me explain to the rest of the Clan his fascination with "devil's music". I know Otto. Great guy and all, but ya see, when he was younger he didn't exactly get the greatest advise....
    YouTube - Waterboy - Girls are the devil

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    Re: Who here likes rap?

    As the famous saying goes... You can't spell crap without rap.

    Old School rock n roll, soft rock, hard rock, even metal is better than rap in my honest opinion.

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    Re: Who here likes rap?

    Alright i agree with you guys on the current rap game that is all about iced out chains but the rap I like is guys trying to change that.

    Up-and-coming guys from Kid Cudi rapping about things that matter, XV who plays video games (stuff I can relate to), Wale, or 'Drizzy' Drake.

    There is a lot of good Lil' Wayne, there has to be the guy puts out so many songs.

    And of course Kanye West. Those guys do Rap Music.

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    Warner4prez Guest

    Re: Who here likes rap?

    Wow, I never figured I'd find a Suicide Silence name drop on Clanram. It's good to know I'm not the only one that mixes deathcore and football.
    Anyway, I used to be anti-everything but metal, I've learned to diversify and appreciate a lot more stuff these days. Especially 90's rap like Ice Cube, Ice T and Tupac. RedMan is onto something there, they really were that decade's Bob Dylan. There are/were a lot of things wrong with the world they grew up in and they made passionate music to speak out against it and draw attention to it.
    I've always enjoyed someone that employs a lot of passion with their work.
    The bulk of today's rap is kind of lacking though. From the beats all the way up to the rhymes.

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