Since we have a variety of nationalities and beliefs represented in the Clan, and since I do not know what those beliefs are, I will respect the differences of everyone in this post, and ask that everyone else do so, please.

Now, that I have that out of the way...

For those of us that celebrate a winter holiday that involves the exchanging of gifts, what do you hope to recieve as a gift this year?

Myself, I have a short list:

1. Six more wins for the Rams; in association with this, I hope for six losses for the other teams in the NFC West.

2. A hugely (is that a word?) successful free agency period.

3. A fantastic draft.

4. A January announcement about the newest member of the Rams coacing staff - Marshall Faulk!

5. An economic upturn that benefits ME instead of muti-billion dollar corporations.

6. A $5000 winning lottery ticket that can then be spent on excessive giftage for my family.

7. Better vision and ethics for ALL the NFL zebras.

8. And end to rap music followed by the re-emergence of hair bands.

9. A cheap, guaranteed-to-work baldness cure, while I still have hair left!

10. My very own personal Big Red Button from Dez! (I know, keep dreaming.....:\ )