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    AbramAssassin Guest


    any of you guys play?

    if so feel free to add me

    sBo MUFC The Oracle

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: xbox..

    I do, xxottomaticxx

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    d4nnystl539 Guest

    Re: xbox..

    I play too, from time to time. I will play more though once I pick up a new copy of All-Pro Football 2k8.


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    Tony Banks Guest

    Re: xbox..

    I'm not online a whole lot, but I sent you guys some friend invites.

    My gamer tag is Hot Rod 5000

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    Re: xbox..

    Ace of Bladezz - Xbox 360.

    -Frequently play Left 4 Dead
    -Own and am willing to play and chat on
    +Gears of War 2
    +Call of Duty 4 (been a little while)
    +Fable 2 (no point really)

    If you just want to have a chat party hosted, I can add friends. If you send a friend request, please send a message saying something to identify yourself like "Hey this is xxxxxxx from ClanRam" or something. I usually filter through friend requests if I don't recognize names. Playing L4D, I get alot of spam friend requests.

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    Re: xbox..

    X-Boxes and Wiis are the, way to go, these days!
    Happy Valentine's!

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    Re: xbox..

    Does Anyone Play Madden 09? I'm looking for a good challenge

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