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Thread: Yes...movies!!!

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    We now have a movie forum...thanks Dez.

    Now I can talk about how great the movie Lord of the Rings was. Can't wait for the next 2 movies!!

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    28rulz Guest

    It was good???

    :confused: I couldnt tell so I didnt see it . You say it was good though! I guess I better give it a try. What about Training Day..did anyone see it? Not what I thought ...but i loved it! Romeo Must Die was great too! Both now considered old I guess since they are for sale in a store near you! LOL

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    The Limey Guest
    There are two more?

    Only kidding. I watched the first film with a female work colleague and when the credits rolled she sat "But they didn't even burn the f***ing ring."

    As a fan of the books I thought the film was fantastic and I can't wait for the Twin Towers either. When's it out? December?

    I bought the animated version of LOTR from the 70s the other day and it looks so dated in comparison, obviously.
    Still had some nice touches though. "There is an inn, a merry old inn..."

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    huntdux Guest
    Was the animated version you bought the one by Ralph Bakshi? He's done some interesting work. "Wizards" leaps to mind.

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    The Limey Guest
    Originally posted by huntdux
    Was the animated version you bought the one by Ralph Bakshi? He's done some interesting work. "Wizards" leaps to mind.
    Yeah, that was the one. It had some interesting techniques, like drawing over live actors.
    John Hurt was a pretty decent Strider, too.
    Problem is they ran out of cash and the film just ends after the Battle of Helm's Deep with no explanation.
    Of it's time, but still worth watching if you can get it cheap.

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    huntdux Guest
    If it ends at Helms Deep, it had better be cheap!!! LOL!!!

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    Mr.Blond Guest
    Just saw "Hard Eight" on showcase with Philip Baker Hall, and Samuel L.Jackson. Anybody seen it? pretty good. Hall, i've seen in another good movie, "Three O'Clock High". Saw it in junior high, and based the rest of my schooling acting like the bully, Richard Tyson. That dude was my idol!

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