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    You guys do know that Little was acquitted, right?

    In 2000, Little pleads guilty to Involuntary Manslaughter. He is sentenced and serves 90 days in a work camp and 1000 hours community service.

    In 2005, Little is found guilty of speeding and innocent of drunk driving. He was sentenced to 2 years probation.

    I've often wondered why some people seem to believe that their opinion of the situation is more valuable than the judgement of 12 jurors. Do these people really want to send a person to jail after being found innocent? Has the concept of innocent until proven guilty not reached certain corners of our nation? Or is just simply rival football fans that like the idea of a rival team losing their best defensive player?

    Whatever the case is, it saddens me that so many think they are above the law. They talk about being disgusted by athletes and celebrities that act as is they are beyond the reach of the law, then wish to go beyond the law themselves by having these same athletes jailed on charges in which they were acquitted.

    I have to know....what legal basis do you have for saying Leonard Little should be in jail?

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    Re: You guys do know that Little was acquitted, right?

    Yep I knew that.

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    Re: You guys do know that Little was acquitted, right?

    It's only a matter of time before the question is raised - "So do you think OJ was innocent as well?"

    Obviously that's an entirely different case. Most people use this kind of reasoning because the OJ Simpson case was very public, and the evidence was very much stacked against Simpson even though he was acquitted.

    In Little's case, the partner of the arresting officer couldn't even confirm that Little was drunk, the arresting officer issued the tests improperly, and others said they couldn't smell beer on Little's breath. There was an additional arrest video supporting these issues, as well as circumstances with the arresting officer's history that makes the arrest suspicious.

    There's more than enough evidence to show reasonable doubt to anyone, but I imagine that people make up their minds on headlines more than facts. They saw Little, who had plead guilty from an involuntary manslaughter charge related to drunk driving, and simply made up their mind without thinking about the facts.


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