I am calling on my fellow Rams fans to help one of our own with a dire situation. Our brother bruce=GOAT has a medical condition that needs immediate attention. However, he just doesn't have the rep points (aka love button enhancers) to pay for the enhancement of the big toe on his right foot.

This has affected our friend in many ways. He fears wearing flip-flops. He fears going barefoot in public. His suffers psychological trauma when he sees others barefoot and suffers acute "big toe-envy".

It is up to people like you and I to step up to the plate and help bruce=GOAT through this crisis. Please won't you give him rep points now?

Your rep points will enable bruce=GOAT to feed, clothe, and educate his right big toe like others in his community.

Contributors giving 5, or more, rep points, will receive this gorgeous angry toe carry bag which will make YOU the envy of your friends and family!

Won't you please help?