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    laurenr93 Guest

    Talking 4th greatest comback in NFL history

    hey guys.
    i just wanted to say i was at the game against seattle where the rams were down and came back in overtime to make on of the greatest comebacks in NFL history!
    It was so great. On the way home we had rams stuff painted all over are car and so many people on the seattle side gave us dirty looks and flipped us off. You have no idea how great it was to be able to rub it in their faces like that :bash:

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    PHAT-MONEY Guest

    Re: 4th greatest comback in NFL history

    Thats the problem.. we shouldn't even be doing that.. we should not have wo the game and rubbing it their face like that had no effect what so ever.. yes i prayed like hell that we would make a comeback.. it worked, but we shouldn't get cocky.. look what happend. we lost 5 straight to the seahawks. lets beat them again before we ring up ancient history.

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    Re: 4th greatest comback in NFL history

    4th greatest comeback..

    Rams winning the Superbowl next season.. that'll be one sure hell of a comeback we've done it once why not again heehee

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    PHAT-MONEY Guest

    Re: 4th greatest comback in NFL history

    I am for it... Gotta go to work.....Gotta Go To Work......Gotta Go To Work...

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    Re: 4th greatest comback in NFL history

    Hey laurenr93, it appears we are neighbors! Welcome to the clan.

    I was at that game also. It was a great come from behind win. The first 3 and a half quarters weren't too great, but, the last half of the 4th was just incredible.

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