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Thread: Blackouts???

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    cookie_KFAN Guest


    So how do you watch the games at home if they are blacked out?

    Do you turn on the ole AC Delco radio and hover around the speakers with a wet towel over your head?

    Do just read the boxscore the next morning?

    Do you ask a fellow fan who had the stones to go to the beat down?

    Or do you just come on here?

    Just curious.

    Edit: I dont expect a reply until Monday, if then. Thanks.
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    Flipper89 Guest

    Re: Blackouts???

    You probably couldn't afford it but there is something called Directv, they have something called Sunday Ticket. You can see all the games.
    Save up maybe you can purchase it next season, as long as the street corners stay busy that is...

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    Re: Blackouts???

    Quote Originally Posted by cookie_KFAN View Post

    Just curious.

    Edit: I dont expect a reply until Monday, if then. Thanks.
    Would that be bi-curious?

    I think your in the wrong bash and game forum.
    try this link
    The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?

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