This is the year to come on out and attend the 2009 ClanRam Bash.


1. It's a great time and you'll be able to put the faces with the names of people you've been conversing with on the ClanRam site.

2. You will be with your people...RAMS FANS!!!

3. AvengerRam does an awesome job running the raffle at the BASH. RAMS, RAMS and more RAMS stuff are raffled off.

4. We have a new team from top to bottom. Pretty exciting if you ask me.

5. There are several renovations going on at the EJD to make the game experience more enjoyable.

6. You will be going to the game against the Green Bay Packers.

7. DEZ does a great job getting us game tickets and even some free souvenirs.

8. Lifetime friendships are made.

9. You will be supporting a great cause. Your St. Louis RAMS.

So again, come on make it happen.