One thing we can all agree upon from the outset I'm sure is that the underachieving Washington Redskins will have to be content in taking their early Christmas present from the New Orleans Saints and going away grateful, for that was the biggest gift they could have hoped for. In the wake of the jubilation I will take it upon myself to remind them that while some people get many small presents, others get but one big one - and that was theirs.

Yes my beaten down Native American representatives, Christmas for you came early - and will end early as well. Please don't be grudgeful, for that isn't good manners.

The question here isn't if the Rams will beat the Skins on Sunday, but rather more of how badly. But I will try to make an estimated assessment along with a few other predictions for game-day.

Rams rookie Mark Setterstrom will welcome Rocky McIntosh to the starting lineup by running him over repeatedly opening up lane after running lane for Steven Jackson, who will amass 75 total yards per half.
Jason Campbell will throw away his borrowed copy of Seneca Wallace's 'An Idiots guide to starting in the NFL' (Making everyone believe you are the man), and go it on his own. Things will go well till the middle of the second quarter when he is tragically crushed between Leonard Little and Victor Adeyanju ... and cries at mid-field.
Dan Snyder will be arrested at Wal-Mart for attempting to take money out of the Salvation Army can.
Joe Gibbs will find his team down by 17 points at halftime. He will then panic and order one of his 17 assistants to immediately begin writing apology letters to Fred Smoot and Antonio Pierce.
Ladell Betts will consider legal action against the Rams for discrimination on the grounds that nearly every team the Rams play against gets at least a hundred rushing yards, and he only got 19 - he will claim it's a black thing.
Gregg Williams will be exposed for plotting to tie up and gag Adam Archuleta, and leave him on the door-steps at Rams park with a note begging the Rams to take him back.
The Hog-ettes will suffer the loss of one of their own. Poor piggy will be found spinning on a spit at an early morning tail-gate party in the Edward Jones Dome parking lot.
The Redskins will think that Hurricane Katrina is back to exact revenge on behalf of the Saints shellacking last week.
We here in Ram-Nation understand that American Indians have never had it easy in this country, and will assure the good fans in our nation's capital that the Rams will not pound on the Redskin heads any longer than necessary for them to understand that greed is a bad, bad thing.

And we definitely want to convey that this will be done without anger, but rather an act of tough love.

Rams 33 - The Skinned ones 17 (mostly field goals)

Disclaimer: This is completely for entertainment purposes only ( mostly mine ). Please refrain from 15 paragraph comments explaining Redskin futility. And yes - I do realize I need Jesus.

Please Click here to calm down and have some fun Washington - Merry Christmas!!

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Reader Comments
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1. Ha ha. From a Redskin fan, I say "well done" It's nice to see at least one person support the Rams. I hope for your sake you have NFL season ticket, because I don't think the networks will be showing the game in "Ram Nation" LOL!! (gotta get someone to go to the games for that)

It was funny though. Good crap talk. We'll see what happens.

Here's to a good game and no injuries on either side.


Posted at 6:31PM on Dec 22nd 2006 by Pete

2. I stoped reading this before I got more then half way though. You Are A Disgrace to AOL Bloggers!!!

This is the Most Racist Filled Garbage I have Ever Read, On Any AOL Public Blog Page of any kind.
It is Offensive, and filled with a lack of any real intellectual understanding of Racial Tensions in the US. That you consider it humorous to denegrade both blacks and indians, I was surprised you could not find some other races to include.

You are a low life piesce of ....

Posted at 7:40PM on Dec 22nd 2006 by Frank

3. Thanks Pete, It's good to see that this piece can be taken for the fun which was intended
Frank? WOW brother.. you got racism out of that? Well to be perfectly frank, Frank -I suppose I could have mentioned tightly wound uptight boobs, but maybe that would hit a little too close to home ...Frank.
Disgrace to AOL bloggers hmmm? That's tough to do, Guess I should be honored for my accomplishments. But I didn't get the last part. A low life piesce of ..what?

For the rest of the skins fans without axes to grind, let me re-iterate that this is all just good-natured fun with my KKK bonnet safely at my side. I hope for a competitive game and am honestly a little nervous about our chances even at home. So I wish you guys luck, but more hope to see an exciting game!!

Posted at 8:30PM on Dec 22nd 2006 by watchdog