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    Guitarzan-54 Guest

    Talking Hello, St. Louis Ramsters!!!!!

    Let me start off with:

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    Currently "online" 80 menbers and 398 GUESTS!!!??????.....WOW!!!!

    Come on, all! Get logged in and join the fun!

    Hello Football Fanatics!

    Just wanted to stop by and say "yo", from your affiliate Brethren Football site "DaBearz"!
    And to also extend a warm invitation to come visit with us also!
    We, too, as yourselves, have alot of great posters into talking Pre-Game banter, and friendly smack.
    So, by all means!....come visit!

    As you may know, even though our beloved took the Division last week, there are serious concerns with our QB...WRECKS GROSSMAN.
    And, this city is PISSED OFF!
    Half the city is calling for his head (including your's truly), and the other half is praising every step he takes.
    It's a very big contraversy in Chi-Town right now.
    In fact, the Chicago Sun Times just concluded a "poll" on this issue, and it was amazing just how many want to see WRECKS taken off the field.
    49 PERCENT!!!!!!!! were for Benching WRECKS.
    51 percent for giving him another chance.

    It's no secret what percentage I belong to. I think the kid STINKS as of late.
    He started off going like the Guns Of Hell!....and has faded past the edge of mediocrity,
    into mere putricity in the last 6 games.
    In fact, I also believe that a VERY HUNGRY RAMS team is going to exploit that BIG TIME!
    I look for the RAMS to give the BEARS a very hard way to go.
    I also look for WRECKS to finally crumble, and expect to see Greise...certainly by the second half.
    But, I also fear that the damage will have already been done, and Greise, never even getting ANY snaps in practice, will not be able to just come off the bench ice-cold to save the day.
    And, our Coach Of The Year will have to explain "why" our 2nd STRING QUARTERBACK, on a Play-Off bound team,
    doesn't get one single snap, in practice, with the very team that he will be called to save.....not one! there's a team that's ready for the SUPER BOWL!....LOL!!!

    And once again, our Defence will have to play both sides of the ball.


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    BlackDiamond Guest

    Re: Hello, St. Louis Ramsters!!!!!

    I'm logged in and posting, yo! Gimme a minute! LOL

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    Guitarzan-54 Guest

    Re: Hello, St. Louis Ramsters!!!!!

    Too funny!

    13 views, and the only one that even bothers to post is another BEARS fan!



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    Re: Hello, St. Louis Ramsters!!!!!

    Hey...I think you can tell I'm a rams fan. I think this is a forum only for if your going to go to a CR bash....And no one responded because maybe some aren't going to the game and didn't bother checking out the thread. lol
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Hello, St. Louis Ramsters!!!!!

    Yo back at ya Guitarzan....welcome to the Clan. Sorry there are a lot of readers here, and not many like to post. They drive me nuts.

    Da bears may have some problems with an inconsistant QB and that may be driving the fans nuts, but at least you have the defense and the luck or talent to pull off wins this season.

    We have a rookie HC and we aren't certain if he really knows what he is doing right now. Our defense is soft and you can run right through them. We have lost a lot of games this year with some bad play calling, lots of penalties, lack of execution, or lack of tackling. The defense can't stop the run most the time. We are usually in close games, but we are not doing what needs to be done to win. The offense is a milder version of the Rams. They aren't putting up a lot of points.

    I am not sure if you will see a "very hungry" Rams team for this game. They are getting pretty frustrated with the losses. The frustration may turn into hunger, or it may turn into disinterest. It is hard to say which way they will turn.

    Here is to a good game and no injuries.:bash:


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