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    Pithyradish Guest

    Been gone to long for sure

    I apologize for not stopping by for so long. Was delighted to see your guys won last week. Trust me I can understand long losing seasons.

    Anyway just wanted to say hello and let you know that I'm back to being just The Radish over on the evil empires site, you know

    You also know I would never come over here and badmouth youse guys we've been casual friends for to many years. I like the looks of your new QB. Guess I'll get a better look first hand this weekend.

    I'm not going to say good luck this week cause its us, but my heart will be with you in other weeks. Don't we all share a loathing of that team in San Francisco?



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    Pithyradish Guest

    Re: Been gone to long for sure

    By the way if some of our guys come here and get rude in this forum you have my blessing to toss them. They should know better than to smack on any sites main forum.

    Well unless they are from New York, or Chicago.


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    Re: Been gone to long for sure

    Welcome back, Les. I'm sure you see that the place has changed a little bit. We have a LOT of new faces, and a lot of the 'regulars' are still around.

    Don't know if you know it, but BigRedMan (the guy in the kilt) is having a rough time right now - cancer. He's fighting like hell. If you want to know more, PM Alpharam or one of us mods.

    Saint Louis
    of Los Angeles

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    Re: Been gone to long for sure

    Good to hear from you Les. You guys have gone through a lot of changes over at haven't you? It's been a while since I've been over there, I'll have to stop by.

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    Pithyradish Guest

    Re: Been gone to long for sure

    Sorry as hell about BigRedMan that sucks. Hope he's getting a treatment schedule that works for him.

    Changes oh man at the site and with the team.

    Don't know if any of you know that RockHawk,(Mark Olsen), bought the place from Todd almost a year ago now and made some changes for sure. Just moved to a different server to handle the rush of game days. And still managing to keep it a no ad site as per members request.

    And team changes? Man I've been watching since the 59 Green Bay Packers and never seen so many in one off season. 150 the last I heard,(that was prior to last weeks game) Been a couple since.

    Many like me are still in shock and wouldn't have been surprised at an 0-3 record right now and am just about as much in shock at 2-1. Our running defense is a thing of beauty so far. Passing not so much but they have managed to so far get it done enough. Last weeks second half was mostly due to the much hated 2 deep or "prevent defense". You know, the one that prevents you from winning!!

    Our running game should be non existent but does almost enough to keep things a bit honest. Now if you want to get rid of Jackson We'll cheerfully take him. lol

    Loved how your QB looked last week. Lots of poise for a kid. Lets hope it keeps for you after this weekend. Again lol.

    I'll bet you are all looking forward to a game for the first time in a couple of years. I can identify with that. Here's to a good game Sunday no matter who wins.


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