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    SeqArtMark Guest

    Born Again Fan

    Hey Rams Fans,

    I'm a born-again Rams fan born in St. Louis but at home in Omaha. The Bears are my first love but now that the Rams seem to be heading in the right direction I thought I'd jump back on board (on the ground floor).

    Here's to a good season!


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    raybp Guest

    Re: Born Again Fan

    Prepare for a long frustrating road. I hate to admit that I don't think we've hit bottom yet. Case in point: O-line is still rebuilding, going to have to turn the offense over to a Rookie QB, Steven Jackson doesn't have a legit backup and WR's don't draw any attention away from the running game. Our TE's don't add to the passing game because they have to be too concerned with helping block our porous line. Oh yeah and our Def isn't what you might call a hot commodity. Our best player Atogwe will probably be traded away(or released - we have a history of just releasing good players) if we don't give him a serious contract. Best young bright spot is Lauranitis. Our last two first round picks Long and Carricker aren't earning their paychecks either.

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