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Thread: Cardinals Game

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    Rams_06 Guest

    Cardinals Game

    What the friggin heck happened we were susposed to win, any thoughts?
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    IsaacFaulk8028 Guest

    Re: Cardinals Game

    Look I dont give any excuses about losing. You lose you take it like a man. but come on the refs all year have been deciding the games for us. I say we lost about 3 games this year, the refs gave us the other four loss. We did lose to the Chargers, Panthers, and may be the Niners. The other games the refs have been giving us some bad call. 3 PI penalties that were really cheap calls. The "offsides" on leonard little. I mean we all learn if you see the ball move then you move. Thats exactly what leonard did pure fundamentals and we got called for it. When you have the announcers all game asying there ? and thats a bad call I mean come one.


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