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Thread: Do we really want Josh Mcdaniels?

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    atank67 Guest

    Do we really want Josh Mcdaniels?

    Yes, the Rams a few weeks ago hired Josh Mcdaniels as our new offensive coordinator, even though he contributed to spygate back when the Patriots took a second championship from the Rams franchise. Don't get me wrong, Mcdaniels is an offensive genius and he will be great for making Sam Bradford into a Rams legend, but Steve Spagnulo needs to lay down the law with Mcdaniels saying that cheating isn't something we are looking for here. I think that bringing Mcdaniels to St. Louis will give us a much improved offensive unit but I don't know what to do about his ways of approching a game. I would like to hear some opinions on what Rams nation thinks about Mcdaniels coming to St. Louis.

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    atank67 Guest

    Re: Do we really want Josh Mcdaniels?

    And of course this new mind should be a real improvement from last years awful calling from Pat Shurmer. Some of u may not agree with me but I did not like him one bit.
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    Re: Do we really want Josh Mcdaniels?

    I'm sorry since this is your first post and all, but this issue has been beaten to death and then some. If you'd really like to know what other fans think of the McDaniels hire, you're best bet would be to go back a few pages and read the countless number of other threads that popped up when he was hired, because not too many people will feel like bringing this up again.

    Other than that, welcome to ClanRam

    EDIT: I didn't see which forum you posted this in, my mistake. It showed up under Ram Talk, but it's in the Welcome forum. You'll find everything you're looking for in the Ram Talk forum
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    rbbrewer1 Guest

    Re: Do we really want Josh Mcdaniels?

    Last season, the Rams for the most part would march down the field and end up with a field goal attempt. If the Rams are going to be winners, they must score touchdowns. Maybe Josh can get this accomplished. Chuck Knox, still my hero, was too conservative, and Spag is looking that way, too. But maybe Spag's reason is that he felt up until now his team couldn't handle more complicated offensive plays. Maybe Josh will bring the downfield action the Rams need to win. Of course, they need to get some people who can get open and hang onto the ball. The return of their walking wounded should make that possible.

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    ryanrcr Guest

    Re: Do we really want Josh Mcdaniels?

    i just cant wait to have a (hopefully) more interesting playbook in next years madden. I think McDaniels is good for the team as an OC especially for a team that is building around a young franchise quarterback, i may be wrong but i heard mcdaniels and bradford bumped heads over something tho i cant remember what...

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    Re: Do we really want Josh Mcdaniels?

    welcome to the Clan!

    i think it was just that Sam said something about having not heard from McD when he was first hired. that`s all i can think of not like they`ve had much chance atall to bump heads over much.

    i like Shurmer i think he done a better job than advertised,he showed he could get creative,it just seemed like he would be reigned in at the wrong there`s the personell he had to deal with last year..i`m convinced the O would have improved with him at the helm this year.
    but with McD as our OC to combine with Sam..that Combo has incredible "upside",unmeasurable really.

    the rest..has been discussed in length elsewhere

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    Re: Do we really want Josh Mcdaniels?

    Welcome to the Clan!

    Although not exciting or popular Shurmur played with the hand he was dealt. Starting rookie QB, no Avery all season. When Clayton went down it seemed Shurmur's confidence in what was left of a receiving corp was not at 100%. At least not in the deep passing game.

    GO RAMS!

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