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    Well fellow fans..... I was just thinking that after reading all of the threads and comments to each other on here! That we as a fan base do tend to argue and get frustrated to the point of craziness at times! We all tend to forget that we all are just voicing our opinions most of the time on here! We need to think before we react. After all we are all here for the same reason aren't we? To be loyal to our beloved Rams. We get frustrated with each other at times,after all we are human. But, as a whole we are family here and need to start acting like it! Let's do ourselves justice these coming days and get back to the classiest FAN sight out there! We all make our mistakes so i for one would like to see all of us FAMILY get together if possible at one of the upcoming events or for that matter let's designate a day that everyone will have off (holiday or something) to have our Fan based BASH! Guys and gals we are a family here and we really don't need to get mad at each other! I'll be the first one here to apologize for any ill feelings or comments that i have either posted or PM'd. There are more important things going on in the world today than we as a family to be disgruntled with one another! I'm sorry to have ever offended anyone here! Let's really try to do this in order for everyone to get to know one another on a personal basis! Thanks for listening ......jim AKA talkstoangels

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    Re: Everybody!

    some good stuff.

    The logistics of getting a world wide fan base of Ram fans together would be a total nightmare although if you can all make it, I am sure I can find room at the ClanRam Castle here in the misty Glen.

    Failing that, can I suggest that you ALL start saving now for a trip to the ClanRam Bash 2006 in St Louis. If I get enough members signing up, I could spring a few surprises


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