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    The Aussie Guest

    Thumbs up G'Day from Australia!

    G'day fella's & Sheila's
    Rams fan here from down south.been following them for about 5 years, am 19 now.
    Cant wait for 2010 season to kick off so we can flog the living **** out of seattle mainly and oakland. One of my mates (the only other person i know that follows nfl) is a starch fan of oakland and im hoping we roll them.
    Sorry for the slang but i thought it might liven this place up abit with a bit of Aussie culture! Now excuse me im going to have a fag and tend to me babrie Cheers!

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    Re: G'Day from Australia!

    Welcome to the Clan, Aussie. We're always glad to have our supporters from overseas on the board. By the way, I'll be pulling for the Socceroos come July. They got robbed in that match against Italy in the last World Cup.

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    The Aussie Guest

    Re: G'Day from Australia!

    yeah talk about it. i was watching the game with an Italian friend.He has lived in Aus his entire life and he was appalled by what happened.
    too bad US cant play soccer... they seem to be pretty good at most other things.(swimming, track, hockey, football)

    Aussie Aussie Aussie
    Oi, Oi, Oi

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    Re: G'Day from Australia!

    Welcome Aussie! You are among friends here. We are all very excited to ge to the next season. Hopefully, DeSpags have added some more pieces to the puzzle that will get the Rams back to their winning ways. Feel free to join the many discussions. The more points of view we have from the different corners of the world the better.

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    Speaking on behalf myself and Aussie_Dave,

    Welcome to the Clan, mate!
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    hey another aussie, look out we'll be over running the board soon lol
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